23 years on, Amy’s family are still haunted by her mysterious vanishing.

Amy Lynn Bradley, pictured before her disappearance in 1998 (Image: FBI website)

In March 1998, vivacious college graduate Amy Lynn Bradley from the US state of Virginia was heading out on the trip of a lifetime: a cruise around the islands of the Caribbean with her parents Ron and Iva and her brother Brad.

However, it was a trip from which she would never return. More than two decades later, her family has been left wondering if they will ever find out what happened to the daughter and sister who appeared to simply vanish without trace.

Amy and her family had embarked on a weeklong trip aboard the Rhapsody of the Seas…

Two bodies found in Colorado were finally linked to a single killer using clever computer forensics.

Alan Yerkey, who killed Danielle Bonfield and Deidre Malachowski.
Alan Yerkey, who killed Danielle Bonfield and Deidre Malachowski.
Alan Yerkey (Image: publicpolicerecord.com)

It was June 1997, and hikers in the picturesque city of Colorado Springs in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains had made a grisly discovery. In a shallow grave in the dry, clay-rich soil was the body of a young woman.

When police from El Paso County arrived at the scene, they found little physical evidence and no indication as to who their Jane Doe might be. However, after examining missing persons records, they realised she fitted the description of a waitress from nearby Fountain who had vanished a week earlier.

Deidre Malachowski had been raped and killed by blunt…

A sailor doll is said to be able to move, pull faces and bestow misfortune on the unfortunate in Florida.

Robert the Doll (Image: Key West Art and Historical Society)

In a quiet little museum in Florida’s Key West, a large wool-stuffed doll sits within a glass case. The blond-haired figure is dressed in a sailor suit and holds a furry dog on its lap. Its face is benign yet age-beaten, as well it might be given its 117-year age.

However, this is no ordinary historical artefact of a child’s plaything. The doll is Robert, and he’s said to be one of the most haunted in the United States. …

After being tortured for a month, the teenager had the courage to escape the men holding her prisoner.

A picture of teenage survivor Jasmine Block
A picture of teenage survivor Jasmine Block
Jasmine Block (Image: Dateline NBC via Twitter)

There are some amazing stories of bravery and survival in the face of extreme adversity in true crime, none more so than that of Jasmine Block.

Jasmine was just 15 when she was kidnapped and held captive by someone she had known and trusted — and it would take almost a month and all of her courage before she was free again.

It was August 8th 2017, and the teenager from the lakeside city of Alexandria in Minnesota was a month off starting high school. She had been enjoying her summer break, spending the day boating with friends and neighbours.

There could be an Irish link to the 29-year-old cold case in Michigan.

Betty the Bag Lady
Betty the Bag Lady
The Jane Doe known as Betty the Bag Lady (Image: DNA Doe Project)

There have been a number of breakthroughs in murder cases thanks to the advent of genetic genealogy, and now police in Michigan hope to see another.

However, they may have to travel further than most detectives to see the mystery finally solved — because the victim seems to have links to Ireland. If they can work out who she was, they might at last learn who killed her.

On August 23rd 1992, a motorist was travelling along the Red Arrow Highway in New Buffalo, Michigan when they spotted something strange at the side of the road. …

Christopher Wilder brutally murdered eight women in a three-week killing spree in 1984.

Serial killer and rapist Christopher Wilder
Serial killer and rapist Christopher Wilder
Murderer Christopher Wilder (Image: All That’s Interesting)

Christopher B Wilder was a wealthy Australian businessman living in the USA in 1984. To outsiders, he appeared to have it all — he raced sports cars, owned multiple properties and a speedboat, and was an amateur fashion photographer.

However, he hid a far darker side that would eventually lead him on an 8,000-mile murder spree, leaving at least eight women dead and many more sadistically tortured across the country.

In February 1984, Christopher Wilder attended the Miami Grand Prix. …

In December 1972, there was a deadly air crash in Florida’s Everglades. But that wasn’t the end of the story…

A picture of the inside of an aeroplane showing two rows of seats
A picture of the inside of an aeroplane showing two rows of seats
Photo by Andrew Scofield on Unsplash

It was Christmas 1972 and passengers and crew onboard Eastern Airlines Flight 401 were making the relatively short journey between New York and Florida. They would never arrive.

This tragic air crash was the most deadly ever to have occurred in the US at the time and generated heartbreaking stories of loss, heroism and love. However, it also created a ghost story that has never really been explained to this day. Here, we’ll take a closer look.

The aircraft assigned to Eastern Airlines Flight 401 that December 29th was an L-1011 from Lockheed, often referred to as a Whisperliner due…

Mickey encountered a vicious predator who stole her from the streets of her home city.

Mickey Shunick, who was killed in 2012
Mickey Shunick, who was killed in 2012
Mickey Shunick (Image: MickeyShunick.com)

Michaela Shunick — Mickey to all who knew her — was 21 years old in the late spring of 2012. She was looking forward to her upcoming birthday and to attending her younger brother’s graduation ceremony. In short, the bubbly, beautiful senior at the University of Louisiana had everything to live for.

However, she was about to cross paths with a dangerous individual who would take all that away from her and rob Mickey’s family of the promising future the young woman could have enjoyed.

It was May 19th 2012 and Mickey Shunick had been visiting a bar in the…

The mysterious story of the 18th century killings of star-crossed lovers Clara and Henry.

A landscape picture of the limestone gorge Winnats Pass in Derbyshire
A landscape picture of the limestone gorge Winnats Pass in Derbyshire
Winnats Pass in Castleton (Image courtesy of the author)

Visit Castleton in the English county of Derbyshire and you’ll find small-town rural living at its most rugged and beautiful. If we’re going to be picky, Castleton is what the British would refer to as a village, rather than a small town. With just 642 residents logged during the last Census, it sits comfortably within the lower end of the geographers’ definition suggesting between 500 and 2,500 people.

Notwithstanding the technicalities, this picturesque location within the Peak District National Park is enjoyed by thousands of ramblers, cavers, hikers, picnickers and climbers each year, all of whom are drawn in by…

It wasn’t until her killer struck again a decade later that the GBI could solve the mysterious crime.

Debora Gail Moody, who was murdered in 2007
Debora Gail Moody, who was murdered in 2007
Debora Gail Moody (Image: Coastal Courier)

Debora Gail Moody, known to all by her middle name, was recently divorced and living in a mobile home in the US state of Georgia in 2007.

She had set up her trailer in the middle of nowhere just outside the small town of Ludowici, Georgia. Although this might have seemed a little too secluded for some, she liked the sense of peace that her little plot brought her, Hometown Homicide reported.

But when she suddenly vanished without a trace one winter’s day, her family and police were at a loss as to what had happened — and it would…

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