Farrah Carter Murder Solved After 19 Years

The cold case dating back to 2002 has been cracked and a suspect apprehended, Florida police say.

Verity Partington


Farrah Carter, who was murdered in 2002
Farrah Carter, who was murdered in 2002 (Image: Miramar PD)

A cold case murder from 2002 has been solved at last after DNA taken from the crime scene was matched to a suspect using a national database.

Farrah Carter was just 15 years old when she was murdered at her family’s home in Miramar, Florida that May 22nd. Her mother Kim Battle had returned home shortly before 8:30 PM to discover the living room covered in blood and the furniture in disarray.

She called 911 and police quickly arrived to find blood in almost every room of the house and, to their horror, Farrah’s mutilated body lying crumpled in her bedroom. Detectives would later describe it as one of the most horrific crime scenes they had ever come across, with the teenager having been stabbed multiple times and receiving significant injuries to her neck in particular.

Although Farrah ultimately lost her life, investigators realised she had put up an enormous fight against her attacker. There had clearly been a struggle in the living room where a chair had been knocked over, a glass smashed and a couch pushed up against the blinds before she was overpowered.

What’s more, Miramar Police Department detectives said the young woman had managed to inflict ‘considerable harm’ on her killer, leaving a clue that would become vital as forensic technology improved: his blood left behind alongside hers.

Police collected the evidence at the time, but were unable to find a DNA match. Despite an extensive media campaign — where officers publicised the fact that there had been no forced entry and Farrah may therefore have known her killer — leads dried up and the case went cold.

Now, though, Farrah’s bravery and the diligence of the police in retaining the blood sample and uploading it to a national database have paid off.

It was announced by Local 10 News that a man named Joseph Pollard has been arrested after DNA evidence connected him to the stabbing death 19 years ago.

Pollard was already in prison serving a life sentence for kidnapping, robbery and assault, having been sent there just two months…



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