Hunting Humans: Stalker Guilty of Cold Case Murder

Michael Horvath is guilty of murdering Holly Grim in 2013, a judge has decided.

Verity Partington


Holly Grim, murdered in 2013 (Image: Pennsylvania State Police)

A judge has found a Pennsylvania man guilty of murdering his former co-worker almost a decade ago.

Holly Grim went missing from her trailer home in 2013 and her mother Jeanette found items including her glasses, cigarettes and her car that suggested she hadn’t planned to leave for an extended period of time.

No sign of Holly could be found and she was considered a missing person for three years. However, DNA belonging to her colleague Michael Horvath was found in a bloodstain on her doorframe in 2014, despite him claiming never to have been there.

When enough evidence was collected to warrant a search of Horvath’s property in 2016, Holly’s partial remains were discovered. Forensic analysis suggested she had been killed with a gunshot wound to the chest.

Horvath was arrested and the homicide case went to trial this month. During the trial, the prosecution detailed how Holly worked with Horvath at a factory called Allen Organ in Macungie township and that he had obsessively tracked and stalked her.

Detective Raymond Judge took to the witness stand to describe how investigators had found journals at his property that spanned the years between 2008 and 2012 and contained minute details about Holly’s life, even including minutiae about her menstrual cycle.

The search of his property also uncovered DVDs about sexual deviance and a horror film called ‘Hunting Humans’, weapons such as a stun gun, restraining devices, and a lock-picking device that investigators believe Horvath used to enter Holly’s trailer without having to force the door.

The prosecution said they believe Horvath kidnapped Holly Grim in 2013, tortured her, shot her and then buried her remains at his home in Monroe County.

Although the defence insisted there could have been other suspects — including Horvath’s own wife, who they suggested may have been jealous about her husband’s obsession with Holly — Horvath has now been convicted of homicide, kidnapping, tampering with evidence and abuse of a corpse.

He is set to be sentenced in September.

Lieutenant Joseph Sokolowski said: “We kept coming back to Mr Horvath. Different people were ruled out but we were never able to do that with Mr Horvath and it was just the natural culmination of the evidence we found along the way.”

Speaking to the Morning Call, Holly’s friend Nancy Godowski said: “We are just so happy that they found him guilty so he can rot in jail the rest of his life, and that’s what he deserves.”

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