Plucked From The Highway: The Murder of Pamela Webb

The 32-year-old was abducted after getting a flat tyre, and the murderer has never been caught.

Verity Partington


Pamela Webb, murdered in 1989 (Image: New Hampshire DoJ)

It was Independence Day weekend in 1989, and 32-year-old Pamela Webb had celebrated early with a family party in her native Maine so she could spend the rest of the holiday with her boyfriend.

The two were dating long-distance after meeting as co-workers in Augusta, and the three-hour trip from Maine to his home in Mason, New Hampshire was one Pamela had driven numerous times before.

However, she would never make it to her destination — and the mystery of exactly what happened to her is one investigators have still not got to the bottom of. With more than 30 years gone by, can police ever solve the murder of Pamela Webb?

A typical trip goes very wrong

Pamela lived in a mobile home that she had recently purchased, but she was setting off to New Hampshire from her sister’s house on Saturday July 1st 1989 following a festive family gathering.

After kissing her young nieces and nephews goodnight and tucking them in, Pamela left around 9:00 PM and hit the road. Records show she purchased a turnpike ticket in Augusta at 9:52 PM, and the route to Mason should have taken roughly three hours.

But not long afterwards, at 11:35 PM, Pamela’s blue Chevy pickup vehicle was found abandoned near the Maine town of Biddeford. Her belongings were still inside — including her purse and a bible — and her beloved dog Thumper had been left sitting on the front seat.

Even more worryingly, there were two large pools of blood on the highway next to the passenger side of the car. One of the truck’s tyres was flat, and a spare had been left propped up nearby, but there was no sign of a tyre iron — or of Pamela herself.

A few hours later, Pamela’s boyfriend Josh had become concerned when she failed to show up at his house as planned, and the young woman was reported missing.

Speaking to the Journal Tribune in July 1989, Pamela’s mother Virginia said the evidence left behind seemed to point towards an opportunistic abduction as Pamela pulled over to address the…



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