The Lake House Murder

It’s been 41 years since Gina Renee Hall was killed, but her ‘unrepentant’ murderer still won’t confirm the whereabouts of her remains.

Verity Partington


Murder victim Gina Renee Hall
Gina Renee Hall (Image: The Charley Project)

It was June 1980, and 18-year-old Gina Renee Hall was in the mood for celebrating. She had just finished her mid-terms and was keen to let her hair down in her home town to mark the start of what should have been a great summer.

However, a Saturday evening of fun turned into what must have been a desperate fight for her life — and it led to an ongoing quest by her devoted sister to find out what really happened to Gina that night.

From club to lake house

Gina Hall and her sister Dlana were living together in the Virginia town of Radford in 1980, with Gina a freshman at nearby Radford University. The two siblings were particularly close, and they had made arrangements to go out dancing on the evening of June 28th.

However, as Dlana told producers of Discovery Investigation’s Evil Lives Here, she and her boyfriend had had a falling-out that day and she couldn’t face the frivolity of the crowded bar and club. Instead, she encouraged Gina to go meet up with their friends and mark the end of the summer exam season without her.

Dlana lent Gina her brown Chevrolet and watched as she adjusted the seat all the way forward to accommodate her petite 5ft frame. She was in a great mood, Dlana recalled as she watched her sister pull out of the driveway and, although she didn’t realise it at the time, out of her life forever.

It was as busy as expected at the Marriott, Gina’s local nightspot, and a bunch of her friends met up to chat and dance. That night, though, there was someone new to the group: 28-year-old Stephen Epperly, who was there with his childhood pal Bill King.

Bill’s mother and stepfather had a property at nearby Claytor Lake but were on vacation, and the two friends had been up there to check all was well while they were away before venturing out for a few drinks.

Gina seemed to hit it off with Epperly and witnesses reported that they danced to several songs together as the evening wore on. Later, Epperly asked Bill if he could head up to the…



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