The Murder of Karen Lynn Douglas

After 40 years, Texas Rangers think it’s high time they found out who stabbed the young mother to death.

Verity Partington


Karen Lynn Douglas, murdered in 1981 (Image: Texas Department of Public Safety)

The Texas Department of Public Safety has announced it is reopening a 40-year-old murder case in the hope of finally finding out who killed the victim.

Karen Lynn Douglas was 22 and was at home taking care of her new baby in Harris County on January 6th 1981.

Her mother had arranged to call and pick her up for a doctor’s appointment that day, but when she entered the property she was horrified to find Karen lying motionless in a pool of blood.

The victim had been stabbed to death and detectives surmised there had been a violent struggle before she succumbed to her injuries. Karen’s husband was at work, while the couple’s infant son had been left unharmed and undisturbed in a bedroom.

No one was ever apprehended for the violent crime and Karen’s case went cold for four decades. Now, the Texas Department of Public Safety says it will be reinvestigating the case and wants to hear from anyone who thinks they may have a lead in the murder.

Importantly, the Texas Rangers have highlighted the fact that there were a number of other home invasions involving knives in the area at around the same time as Karen’s murder, something they are not ruling out as being linked.

The perpetrator was not caught in those cases either, and he is described as being small in stature and white.

A cash reward of $6,000 has been offered to anyone who provides information leading to the arrest of the person responsible for Karen’s death. Tips can be sent in anonymously via Crime Stoppers at 1–800–252-TIPS (8477) or through the Texas Rangers on 1–800–346–3243.

The Texas Department of Public Safety says this is just the first in a number of cold cases it plans to highlight bi-monthly in the hope of shedding light on unsolved deaths in the state across the decades.

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